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Our individual kennels offer a large sleeping area with covered run attached which the dogs have free access to during the day and each kennel also has individual heat and light.

We have a covered exercise area full of toys and playthings so each dog may have some quality time off the lead either playing, or just chilling out and relaxing.

There is also an outside exercise space where dogs can play or sleep in a warm sunny spot.



Days start at 7.00a.m. with the first walk of the day followed by breakfast.

Each dog is walked twice daily in the surrounding countyside in this tranquil setting this is a very pleasant time for both dog and walker.

Mid-late morning or early-mid afternoon dogs have some time in the play area off lead to enjoy a game of ball, tugging or chasing, anything to make your dog feel relaxed and happy and to help them enjoy their holiday.

After their second walk of the day it is time for their evening meal and quiet time.

At 10.00p.m. it is bedtime snack and lights out.

FOOD: We can supply ROYAL CANIN dry food but if you prefer to bring your dogs normal diet that is fine and we would be happy to feed it, our main priority is your dogs wellbeing

BEDDING: Bedding will be provided, but we do ask owners to bring something that has your scent on it to help your dog settle more quickly, again if you wish you may bring in their bedding from home.

VACCINATIONS; All dogs must have a current vaccination certificate including kennel cough (toux de chenil) before thay can be accepted.

HEATING: All kennels are able to be heated. From 1st November-31st March the cost of heating is included in the price, if heating is requested at any other time a charge of 3 euros per kennel per night will be added.


We hope to make your dogs holiday with us as enjoyable as possible by catering for each dogs individual needs, whether that may be for puppies and young dogs or for the very different needs of our more senior friends.

To make the time that you are away from your dog as stress free as possible we have 24 hour veterinary cover from our local vets.

Whilst we hope you find this site informative we encourage you to visit us if at all possible or to telephone with any questions or queries you may have.Details can be found on the contact page

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